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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

A periodontal cleaning is sometimes necessary if you haven’t been to a dentist in very long time and tartar and plaque have accumulated below the gumline. Most people tend to think that brushing twice a day is enough to keep the mouth healthy and disease-free. Keeping the teeth clean is important, but what is more important is making sure that the surrounding soft tissues are healthy too. These soft tissues, the gingiva and periodontia, hold the teeth firmly in their sockets, in the oral cavity. Periodontal infections can result in mobility and early loss of teeth.

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Periodontal Infections

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums usually caused by a bacterial infection. The condition is characterized by swelling, redness, and bleeding of the gums. Other symptoms include bad breath and the formation of pockets between the teeth and gums. This condition is reversible and can be treated with the help of professional cleaning and lifestyle/dietary modifications.

When gingivitis is left untreated, it can progress to a serious, aggressive state known as periodontitis. The symptoms of this disease include severe inflammation, pain, and bleeding of gums, accompanied by foul odor, and most importantly, bone loss. The loss of bone can result in mobility and early loss of teeth. In order to treat periodontitis, a combination of surgery, root cleaning, and antibiotic therapy may be required.

Periodontal Cleaning

It is possible to prevent periodontal infections with the help of professional in-office cleaning unless the infection is related to underlying systemic conditions. Routine dental visits and scaling twice a year are important to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Smoking, using tobacco products, and excessive alcohol consumption also adversely affect oral health and should be discontinued or controlled in order to maintain professional cleaning results for longer.

Do your gums bleed every time you brush your teeth? Do they appear puffy and swollen? You may have a periodontal infection – but there is absolutely no need to worry! Call now to book an appointment with our office today!

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