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Comprehensive Dentist in Austin, TX

Our comprehensive dentist in Austin, TX would like to welcome you and your family to our office. Keith Novy DDS comprises caring and seasoned dental professionals in the fields of general, cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dentistry. We provide bi-annual checkups and cleanings to ensure the mouth is in optimal condition at all times. We are a trustworthy dental team that will prioritize care for you and your loved ones. You’ll receive unmatched dental care that keeps you coming back.

Dental Services Available for You

We carefully evaluate, diagnose, prevent, and treat oral diseases, ensuring outstanding oral health and a captivating smile. Our personalized treatment plans cater to all dental hygiene needs, from regular checkups to thorough cleanings. Rest assured, our commitment to cleanliness and the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth is unwavering. As your primary dental care provider, we offer comprehensive care for the teeth, gums, and mouth, including:

What Happens During My First Dental Appointment?

During your first dental visit, our warm and compassionate staff will assist you in completing the necessary forms so we can continue. We will also gather information about your oral health history and goals. Next, we’ll perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth, mouth, and gums to give us a better picture of your oral health and what treatments might be needed in the future. Following that, we’ll perform a complete teeth cleaning so your smile looks and feels nice and refreshed again.

A Great Future for Your Oral Health

Keith Novy DDS’s comprehensive cleanings, examinations, and treatments are provided with proactive and preventative focuses. Regular visits can prevent oral health issues from worsening and provide immediate and enduring relief. We identify minor oral health issues early so they don’t become costly later. With personalized treatments, we will give you and your family the healthcare you need to achieve bright, healthy smiles. We welcome you to join our dental family and receive outstanding oral health care during each visit.

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